Appellate Litigation

Levinger PC is more than a traditional firm that specializes in civil appeals. We also handle appellate litigation – two words we use in combination to underscore the unique skills we bring to trial teams representing either side of the docket in both state and federal courts.

As a former trial lawyer, Jeff Levinger is especially attuned to how cases are shaped long before they are appealed. In recognition of his extensive trial and appellate experience, trial lawyers and their clients have been retaining Jeff Levinger for decades to perform a variety of appellate-litigation functions, including:

  • mapping out trial plans and strategies;
  • preparing and arguing summary judgment motions and responses;
  • preparing and arguing Daubert motions and response;
  • preparing and arguing evidentiary motions at trial;
  • preparing and arguing jury charges;
  • preparing and arguing post-verdict and post-judgment motions and responses.