Why Levinger is Unique

Levinger PC specializes in appellate litigation. We use those two words in combination to underscore the unique set of skills we bring to trial teams from across the country before trial, during trial, after the verdict, and on appeal. In both federal and state courts, representing either plaintiffs or defendants, Levinger PC adds value in all phases of a case:

  • PRETRIAL – Drafting and arguing summary judgment and Daubert motions and responses, preparing mandamus petitions, and handling motions in limine.
  • TRIAL – Crafting trial briefs, preserving error, drafting and arguing jury charges, and handling post-verdict proceedings.
  • APPEALS – Preparing briefs and presenting oral arguments in the Texas Supreme Court, all intermediate Texas appellate courts, and federal circuit courts, including the Fifth Circuit.

Levinger PC represents a diverse array of clients on both sides of the docket, including:

  • Large companies in a wide range of industries
  • Individual business people
  • Severely injured plaintiffs and their families
  • Lawyers and law firms
  • Bankruptcy litigation trustees